South Staffordshire Water Archives



Index to Collection Ref. G1

This collection comprises 28 large bound volumes of correspondence records dating from 1853 to c. 1900. They are believed to have been compiled by the Company Secretary's staff and are now in very fragile condition. They were indexed by a team of young people on various training schemes during the 1980/90s. The resulting handwritten indexes, which cover 24 of the 28 volumes, have been scanned and converted to PDF documents for use on this website.



Index to Collection Ref. G2

This is a collection of around 13,650 documents covering all aspects of the Company's activities over the period 1850 to 1950. The same team of people who indexed Collection G1 also indexed this collection. Fortunately the indexes were recorded electronically and stored on 5.25 in floppy discs. These discs, which were thought to have been lost, were recovered in the late 1990s and the information transferred to an Access database. The information on this website is a PDF copy of the database. There is some overlap between this collection and Collection GS below. Approximately 1,000 documents and photographs from the latter collection were captured electronically and included before the indexing project was terminated.



Index to Collection Ref. G4

A Wide Ranging Collection of Miscellaneous Documents 

This collection was compiled in the 1990s by the late Johann Van Leerzem and Brian Williams co-authors of "A History of the South Staffordshire Waterworks Company" and was deposited in the Walsall Local History Centre. It was returned it to the Company in 2008. Not all of the documents on the index have been found, although two boxes of material which are believed to be part of the collection await sorting (Feb 2018). Furthermore a significant proportion of the collection relates to water undertakings other than South Staffs Water


Index to Collection Ref. G5

Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield, a former South Staffordshire Water site, is currently (April 2019) maintained by Lichfield Waterworks Trust (LWT), a charitable incorporated organisation formed in 2015. A number of documents remained on the site when it was sold by SSW in 2005 including rainfall registers, water quality reports, correspondence files, trade journals, drawings etc. A small LWT archive team has collated and catalogued these documents which are available for inspection on site most Friday mornings between 10:00 - 12:00 Hrs. A survey of the documents carried out by the archive team prior to cataloguing can be found here.



Index to Collection Ref. GS

A Collection of Miscellaneous Documents Relating to All Company's Works Filed Chronologically

This collection was compiled by the late Gordon Sims, Technical Services Engineer, in 1984. A typed index, prepared at the time, has been scanned and the resulting PDF document is available on this website. All of the photographs identified on this index have been physically removed from the collection and are now kept in Collection P1.



Index to Collection Ref. P2

The original plate glass negatives of photographs taken in the 1920s/30s were deposited at Walsall Local History Centre in the 1990s. However positive prints of these photographs were mounted in albums which are kept in the Archive Room. A fragile handwritten index of the album contents has survived and copied as a PDF document which can be viewed on this website. A comprehensive inventory of the albums, to ascertain whether all of the photographs listed in the index are available, has not been undertaken. However there is no reason to believe that many are missing.