South Staffordshire Water Archives

Tour of The Archive Room

Poster Rack

Selection of Posters with Mounted Photographs, Sketches. Plans etc. on a Range of Subjects with Accompanying Descriptions.


Plan Chest - drawers containing: -

Selection of Drawings including: -

Sandfields, Hinksford, Wood Green, Slade Heath & Little Hay Pumping Stations.

Oversize Photographs.


Plan Chest - Top surface: -

1893 / 1894 Wages Book

Correspondence Archive Box (Nr. 063)

1870 / 1873 Bound Volume of Correspondence


Window Sill

Nameplate from Sandfields Uniflow Engines (1924 1966)

Water Level Indicator

1935 Wooden Cased Lea Flow Indicator / Recorder / Integrator.

1935 Wooden Cased Water Level Recorder


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