South Staffordshire Water Archives

Uttoxeter Urban and Rural District Council Water Undertaking

The Uttoxeter water undertaking was created by an act of parliament in 1892 and was absorbed by South Staffs Water in 1968. A number of file boxes inherited by SSW are held in the archives. Of particular interest is a collection of reports and correspondence dating from the first half of the 20th Century that document the developments at Crumpwood near Alton which became the principal water source works for Uttoxeter and the surrounding rural areas. The documents are listed below: - 


Proposals for the augmentation of the Uttoxeter supply from Crumpwood, 1922


Inquiry regarding the purchase of Quixhill Springs, undated but possibly c. 1922


Notes regarding levels in Uttoxeter area, 18th February 1936


Estimate for extension of Uttoxeter water supply from Crumpwood and Hulme Springs, 3rd June 1935


Report by Uttoxeter Council Engineer and Surveyor regarding a reduced flow in the River Churnet, 12th August 1935


Notes on Willcox, Raikes and Marshall's (consultants) Proposals, 10th November 1936


Notes of the Uttoxeter Council Health Sub Committee regarding the augmentation of water supplies, 11th November 1936


Report by Willcox, Raikes and Marshall on Uttoxeter water supply scheme with proposals for improvements, 19th November 1936


Updated version of above report, 29th December 1936


Correspondence with London Midland & Scottish Railway concerning removal of level boards on Crumpwood Weir, 22nd to 30th March 1943


Letter from the Ministry of Health regarding land purchase requirements for water sewage and sewerage works, 15th December 1943


Handwritten notes regarding water consumption and proposals for improvements to supply, 1943/44
13. List of properties in Uttoxeter and surrounding areas not supplied with mains water, 1944 
14. Report by the Uttoxeter Council Engineer and Surveyor on water supply situation and proposals for improvements,10th May 1944

Collection of correspondence concerning water resources and sewage disposal proposals for post war reconstruction, 1944/45

16 A small bundle of documents on various subjects